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Recognized as America’s leading waste reduction company, WasteZero offers our employees more than just a job: we value providing opportunities to build rewarding careers. If you’re looking for a challenging position with global growth potential and the chance to make a positive and lasting impact on local communities and the environment, WasteZero is for you.


WasteZero employees come from a wide range of industry, educational, and geographic backgrounds and are able to work in an environment that values individual contributions. We are looking for smart, driven, passionate candidates who will help us build and innovate sophisticated systems solutions that enable our customers to succeed. From marketing and sales to program design, manufacturing, and finance, we offer varied, rigorous, and rewarding career paths.

Build your career while making a difference:


By helping reduce municipal solid waste tonnage and increase recycling, WasteZero Trash Metering® and other waste reduction programs slow the depletion of natural resources, lower energy use, and reduce carbon emissions and toxins that jeopardize water and air quality.


In today’s challenging fiscal climate, communities must often decide whether to cut critical services or useful residential programs — or both. When we help municipalities reduce solid waste, we allow local governments to better allocate taxpayer dollars to public works, infrastructure, education, and emergency response. 

As teammates, we value



You view intellectual curiosity as the cornerstone of innovation and creativity.



You can cooperate with your colleagues, form close relationships, and are able to both lead and follow-whatever the situation calls for.



You are able to adapt to a variety of situations and new requirements.



You have the energy, stamina, and tenacity to achieve personal and company-wide standards of excellence and achieve results.



You will go beyond the required minimum to get the job done, and dedicate yourself to achieving high customer satisfaction.

Team member highlights:



5.5 years at WasteZero

“My position requires that I manage the product from start to finish. Waste Zero is a company that works towards their goals and vision of helping communities reduce their trash. I get great satisfaction in being in a role that I can make a difference in ensuring equipment functions properly to successfully produce a high-quality product. The work culture is very warm, and management has an open-door policy where they listen to your concerns and actively seek to make improvements as needed. My most rewarding feeling is seeing a finish product and being surrounded by a team of highly driven and successful people who genuinely care. I enjoy being employed with Waste Zero, because this is a company that that can do it all: analyze a city or company’s waste situation, design a powerful waste reduction program, build and help our customers go from analysis to results.”


“I began as a packer at WasteZero and I’ve worked my way up to a senior operator. Since I’ve been with the company, I’ve watched the employees and the plant grow. We constantly strive to provide a better work environment for the employees and products to our customers. The job is family oriented and the staff works with you so that you can have a better experience. It has been a pleasure being a part of the WasteZero team, and I look forward to seeing the new innovations that we come up with.”


5 years at WasteZero

"As a WasteZero employee, I could not appreciate my place of employment more! Our facility is a family. We have many different occupations, but our main goals are the same: to go above and beyond for our customers. We focus on quality to ensure happiness and positivity from anyone who uses our bags. In the year I’ve working for WasteZero, I have made it my goal to not only give 110% every time I walk through the door, I also grow my knowledge daily so that I can grow with the company.”


1 year at WasteZero


“WasteZero is a good company to work for. They always want you to work safe and they have a great management team who will help you. We are one big happy family at WasteZero.”


14 years at WasteZero

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