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EnviroBag® Program

Easy Curbside Recovery for Hard to Recycle Plastics

Our EnviroBag programs offer cities and towns a way to divert hard-to-recycle plastics from the waste stream and put them to valuable reuse. Designed to complement existing curbside recycling infrastructure, residents simply purchase the WasteZero EnviroBag Program Official Purple Bags from a local retailer and place the bag in their curbside cart along with other recyclables on collection day.



Residents purchase WasteZero EnviroBag Program Official Purple Bag from their local retailer.


Enviro Bin.png

Hard-to-Recycle plastics, such as styrofoam and flexible packaging are collected in the bag. 


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The bags are placed inside collection carts along with other recyclables at curbside. 



Bags are picked up by local haulers as part of the normal service and schedule.

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Bags are sent to a local Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) and sorted. 



Hard-To-Recycle plastics gain an extended life through innovative uses.

The retail price of the WasteZero EnviroBag Program Official Purple Bags covers the full program costs, such as operating costs for the material recovery facility and bag distribution. 

WasteZero is working to expand this program nationally by 2021.


Why is the EnviroBag Program important?

Many of the plastic-based materials we use in our daily lives are not recyclable, such as flexible food packaging, plastic utensils, and styrofoam. These materials are instead landfilled or can contaminate recyclable bales at sorting facilities. 

With WasteZero's EnviroBag Program, these materials can be recovered in an easy and cost effective way, allowing hard-to-recycle plastics to be converted into sustainable inputs for partner industries. 

Connect with the WasteZero Solutions Team to learn more about the EnviroBag© Program
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