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Domestic Waste Bin

Organics & Yard Waste

Helping communities collect organic material and yard clippings.

Food and yard waste represent 28% of US municipal solid waste (MSW). Not only does this pose an environmental threat to our waste stream and substantial costs for municipal governments, but a missed opportunity to divert organic waste and return valuable organic material to the earth.

WasteZero helps cities and towns effectively and affordably collect organic waste such as yard clippings and food with our official compostable bags, which are purchased at local retailers and placed at curbside by residents for pickup.

Our Approach Includes: 


Design and development of curbside food waste collection programs

Piloting and evaluation of food waste reduction programs

Collection bags certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) to meet ASTM D6400 standards

Supply distribution, logistics, and inventory management

Green Waste Recycling

Our solutions provide a way for communities to meet increasing regulations to limit compostable organic materials in the standard residential waste stream due to high contamination rates. With WasteZero’s leak-resistant, BPI certified 100% compostable bags residential organics collection is easier than ever.

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Connect with the WasteZero Solutions Team to learn more about Organics & Yard Waste programming for your community
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