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Pay-As-You-Throw Trash Metering®

A comprehensive solution to reduce waste, save money, & increase recycling

WasteZero’s primary approach and core program, Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) Trash Metering® is the most effective available means of reducing municipal solid waste.

While communities require residents to pay for most utilities based on how much they use, trash remains the last unmetered utility in most cities and towns across the country. Our solutions enable cities and towns to eliminate or reduce flat fees for trash services and replace them with variable pricing, based on the amount of trash residents throw away.

How does




Residents must dispose of their trash in official municipal trash bags, which are purchased at local retail stores.

Multi colored Bag rolls AdobeStock_10484

The bags are a distinctive color, printed with the city artwork or seal, and easily identified by collection workers.

The bags typically cost between $1 to $2 , which covers the cost of the bag and the collection and disposal of trash.

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WasteZero services are designed to comprehensively manage the day-to-day activities associated with a waste reduction program, including supply and distribution, resident education, communication, customer service, and financial reporting.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Managed distribution of top-quality, official Municipal trash bags in the city’s chosen design to selected grocery, hardware, and convenience stores, along with other local retailers.

Customer Service

Toll-free line providing information about the program, with access to live customer service personnel & customized informational website for the city’s specific program.

Community Education

& Communication

Materials, resources, and media engagement to help residents become better recyclers and learn about program details and results.

Accounting & Inventory Control

Active inventory management and full financial accounting services for the program.


Regular, transparent reporting so city leaders always know the financial status of the program.

Why City Leaders Like PAYT Trash Metering

Why Residents Like PAYT Trash Metering

Image by Loui Kiær


40 years ago, the average US resident generated 1,100 pounds of trash each year. Over the years, as our communities have recognized the need to reduce, reuse, and recycle, that average has dropped to about 900 pounds per person. With WasteZero PAYT Trash Metering programs, communities can get their averages down to 440 pounds per person or less in just a few months.


Cut trash by

at least


with PAYT

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