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WasteZero offers a unique range of solutions to help communities reduce their trash. 


Our Pay-As-You-Throw programs have a proven track record of cutting trash by 44%, with some programs successfully reducing total trash by up to 80%. Our goal is to meet communities at their current capacity, so all communities can benefit from the cost savings and environmental benefits of a WasteZero program.


Pay As You Throw

A comprehensive Pay-As-You-Throw solution to reduce waste, save money, & increase recycling.


Using curbside innovations to get textiles and accessories out of the waste stream.

Textile Recycling

Domestic Waste Bin

Organic & Yard Waste

Helping communities collect organic material such as food waste and yard clippings.

Recycling Bottles

Bottle Deposits

Streamlined glass and plastic bottle redemption programs for communities.


EnviroBag® Program

Easy curbside recovery for hard-to-recycle plastics: all with our distinctive purple EnviroBag.


Integrating multiple collection routes into a single-truck process to save time and money.

OneRoute® CoCollection

Image by Scott Graham


Helping our partners identify and adopt the best strategic options for reducing waste.

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