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Textiles Recycling

Curbside innovations to get textiles and accessories out of the waste stream

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(Millions of Tons)

(EPA, 2015)

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average US resident throws away more than 85 pounds of textiles (clothing, shoes, carpeting, and more) each year. That adds up to more than 13 million annual tons of material thrown in landfills or incinerated across the country. These materials have significant value if kept out of the waste stream, yet 85% of used textiles are wasted.

Working with Public, Private, and Nonprofit Organizations

WasteZero works with a combination of municipal governments, private companies, and non-profit organizations to help increase the percentage of textiles that are diverted out of the waste stream and either reused or recycled.  

When one of our pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) programs is implemented in a community, textiles donations to non-profit organizations typically increase by about 18%.

Image by Etienne Girardet
Connect with the WasteZero Solutions Team to learn more about Textile Recycling for your community
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