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Why City Leaders Like PAYT Trash Metering

Each of the hundreds of programs that we’ve started with our partner communities are still in place—living proof of their effectiveness and popularity.

No Up-Front Investment

No out-of-pocket costs are required to launch a WasteZero Trash Metering program.

More Resources for the Community

Trash metering frees up funds for other priorities, including investments in schools, parks, transportation, police and fire protection, and more. Savings can close budget gaps or keep taxes from going up.

Strong Financial Benefits

Reduced disposal costs, increased recycling revenues, and other financial benefits provide a powerful and positive impact on city budgets.

Fast, Permanent Results

Our programs routinely reduce trash by 50% within 90 days after launch, and the benefits last for as long as the program is in place.

Easy to Implement and Sustain

Because WasteZero manages the majority of the logistics of the program; having pay-as-you-throw in a community does not add significant operational responsibilities for municipal leaders.

No Need for New Technologies, Facilities, or Resources

There’s no need for the city to invest in new technologies, facilities, or staff. WasteZero’s comprehensive solution enables the city’s staff to focus on other priorities.

No Partisan Politics

With its powerful financial and environmental benefits, WasteZero Trash Metering appeals to fiscal conservatives, committed environmentalists, and residents across the political spectrum.

Powerful Environmental Benefits

A WasteZero pay-as-you-throw program can be the single biggest factor that helps a city meet its environmental and sustainability goals.

High Resident Satisfaction

As our own experience and several studies, including a study by Public Policy Polling (PPP) have shown, residents rate our type of bag-based pay-as-you-throw program very highly.

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