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Why Residents Like PAYT Trash Metering

In a study by Public Policy Polling (PPP), our WasteZero PAYT Trash Metering™ programs earned extremely high marks for resident approval and satisfaction.  Here’s why:


Residents pay only for how much waste they individually throw away. Those who generate less waste no longer subsidize those who generate a lot of waste—a fairer way to pay for trash services.

Increased Control

Residents have more control over how much they pay for trash collection service when they are no longer tied to a “one-size-fits-all” flat fee. To control their costs, they reduce trash and recycle more.


People’s day-to-day routines don’t change. They purchase trash bags at their local supermarket or other retailer just as they always have. The only difference is the bag they buy.


Unlike other complex and confusing waste management programs, Trash Metering is easy to understand and easy to participate in, allowing busy people to focus on the things most important to them.

Community Benefits

Trash fee savings can help prevent tax increases or cuts in services, freeing up resources for more productive uses, such as hiring more teachers, police officers, or firefighters, improving schools and parks, or building new community centers.

Environmental Benefits

Your community deserves a cleaner living environment. WasteZero Trash Metering delivers dramatic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, significant energy savings, and improvements in air, water, and soil quality for your neighborhood and region.

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