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Co Collection
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Efficient and Eco-Friendly:

OneRoute™ co-collection redefines residential municipal solid waste (MSW) management by merging multiple collection routes into one streamlined process. This innovative approach balances economic efficiency with environmental responsibility, offering diverse and flexible options for waste generators.

What We Offer

Tailored Solutions:

  • Facility Design: Customized designs to maximize efficiency and sustainability.

  • Economic Assessment: Detailed evaluations ensuring cost-effectiveness.

  • Program Management: Expert guidance from inception to execution.

Who We Serve: 

  • Solid Waste Authorities

  • Landfills and Waste-to-Energy Facilities

  • Transfer Stations

  • Municipalities

  • Military Bases

How can we serve you?



Helping communities collect organic material

Food waste represents 20% of US municipal solid waste 

WasteZero helps collectors effectively and affordably collect organic food waste at a fraction of the cost of separate collection route systems. 



One Route Addresses Challenges Facing The Recycling Industry

  • Collecting Recycling and Trash in the same truck;

    • ​Creates economic efficiencies in standard curbside routes​

    • ​Allows recycling in Cities that have abandoned it​

    • ​Generates new recycling opportunities for multi-family properties ​



Saving You Money and The Environment
Glass bottles
  • Co-Collection of glass as a one-off​​

  • Improves value of all recycling stream

  • Can create revenue to offset high transport and processing fees​​

Facility Development


Sort Facilities Are Critical To Co-Collection
Sorting Facility

We Provide:

  • Cost and Revenue Modeling​

  • ​Financing​​

  • Municipal Contract Management​

  • ​Engineering Design Work​

  • ​Construction Management

Ready to revolutionize your waste management strategy?

 Schedule a call with WasteZero's expert professionals today and start transforming your approach to sustainability!

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