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Generator Communication

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Enhancing Engagement and Compliance

What We Offer

Balancing Incentives with Effective Communication: At WasteZero, we understand that while incentives play a crucial role in shaping generator behavior, clear and effective communication is equally vital. Our approach integrates both to maximize participation and compliance. By combining advanced technology with hands-on methods, WasteZero's communication strategies not only inform but also empower generators, leading to more efficient and responsible waste management practices.

Innovative Tools for Maximum Impact:

  • Community Connect App: A digital platform offering real-time educational and informational resources, ensuring generators are well-informed and compliant.

  • Curbside Coaching: Personalized, on-site guidance to enhance understanding and participation in waste management practices.

Who We Serve:

  • Waste Haulers

  • Municipalities

Two-Way Communication Application

  • Our app (which is currently in development is the perfect way to keep your residents in the know about their waste pick ups. They can schedule their trash day right from their phone, receive special announcements about their neighborhood, and see how their trash usage changes across the year.

Ready to revolutionize your waste management strategy?

 Schedule a call with WasteZero's expert professionals today and start transforming your approach to sustainability!

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