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Raleigh, NC, USA

Job Type

Full Time



About the Role

Open Enrollment Hiring Process:
As part of our commitment to growth and diversity, WasteZero is launching an open enrollment hiring process. This is your chance to explore career opportunities with us. We are looking for individuals who share our values and are ready to contribute to building and innovating sophisticated systems solutions.
Build Your Career While Making a Difference:
Contribute to our mission of reducing municipal solid waste tonnage and increasing recycling. WasteZero's Trash Metering® and other waste reduction programs play a crucial role in slowing the depletion of natural resources, lowering energy consumption, and reducing carbon emissions and toxins.
In today's challenging fiscal climate, your efforts can make a difference. By helping municipalities reduce solid waste, WasteZero enables local governments to allocate taxpayer dollars more efficiently, supporting public works, infrastructure, education, and emergency response.
Apply Now!

If you think you'd be a great fit for our team, apply now and let us know why! WasteZero is always looking to hire the right people who share our vision and values. Your career with purpose starts here. Join us in making a difference.


  • Curiosity: We believe intellectual curiosity is the cornerstone of innovation and creativity.

  • Teamwork: Collaboration is key. You can work seamlessly with colleagues, form close relationships, and assume leadership or supportive roles as needed.

  • Flexibility: Adaptability is crucial. You thrive in various situations and can meet new requirements with ease.

  • Drive: You possess the energy, stamina, and tenacity to achieve personal and company-wide standards of excellence, delivering results.

  • Commitment: Going above and beyond is part of who you are. You dedicate yourself to getting the job done and strive for high customer satisfaction.

About the Company

About Us:
WasteZero, recognized as America's leading waste reduction company, is inviting passionate individuals to join our dynamic team. We offer more than just jobs; we provide opportunities to build rewarding careers with global growth potential. If you're enthusiastic about making a positive and lasting impact on local communities and the environment, WasteZero is the place for you.

Career Opportunities:
WasteZero boasts a diverse team with members from various industries, educational backgrounds, and geographic locations. We foster an inclusive environment that values individual contributions and encourages innovation. We are actively seeking smart, driven, and passionate candidates across departments such as marketing, sales, program design, manufacturing, and finance.

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